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28546 Dentist

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At Family Dental Care our 28546 dentist can help you with your dental emergency. If you are suffering from a severe toothache, a dental emergency such as a broken tooth or loose tooth, or any other type of dental emergency, call us today. We also offer appointments for regular dental care. Our offices are clean and comfortable and stocked with the latest in dental technology to help you have the healthiest teeth you can.

A toothache can stem from a variety of different reasons. Usually it means there is a cavity or some sort of tooth decay going on. Sometimes an injury or blow to the tooth can cause tooth pain as well, or a crack. Toothaches can be painful, and if your tooth pain has going on for too long, you should call our 28546 dentist today. We can give you a comprehensive exam to find out what’s going on. If it’s just a cavity, fillings may be recommended. A filling is made from a type of material such as composite or ceramic that fills in the hole in the tooth that the cavity has created.

Family Dental Care is conveniently located at 1701 Country Club Road, in Jacksonville North Carolina. Existing patients should call the number listed on our website, while new patients can call the other number for new patients that is listed on our website. Patients can even request appointments online using our new technology adapted specifically for our website. This is a great way to help our patients conveniently schedule appointments and book things online, and to keep track of their dental appointments. You can also call our 28546 dentist friendly staff for more information about our wonderful variety of services, and ask questions as needed. We look forward to serving you and your family with the best in dental services as we have been for a long time now.

1701 Country Club Road
Jacksonville, NC 28546
Existing Patients: (910) 346-2345
New Patients: (910) 672-8995