Cosmetic dentist in 28546

Cosmetic Dentist in 28546

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Cosmetic smile makeovers in 28546

If your teeth, gums, and jaw are structurally strong and healthy, but you have a set of teeth that suffer from flaws and imperfections, you may be the ideal candidate for our cosmetic smile makeovers here at Family Dental Care.

In a logical step-by-step process, our cosmetic dentist in 28546 transforms your smile from its current state into one where you’ll be not just okay with showing it off, but eager to do so. Dental implants act as the foundation of our cosmetic smile makeovers, because no matter how beautiful your other teeth are, if you have some that are missing, your smile is going to remain less than you want it to be. Why implants and not bridges or dentures? There are two excellent reasons as pertains to your appearance. First, they look like real teeth. They blend in seamlessly, making it next to impossible to tell them from your natural teeth. But second is that they preserve your normal facial contours, ones which are altered by the absence of teeth. That’s because they have a root that extends below the surface of your gums and down into your jaw. They’re constructed like natural teeth, and so they give you the aesthetic advantages of them when our cosmetic dentist in 28546 puts them in. Speaking of natural looks, porcelain veneers do that, too. They are thin shells that cover up teeth that are chipped, misshapen, crooked, discolored, or even that have wide spaces between them. Porcelain is an ideal match for your tooth color. Bonding with tooth-colored composite resins makes a fine substitute or compliment to veneers, depending on the situation. And finally, your entire set of teeth will be made more brilliant with our safe and effective teeth whitening.

Don’t just be dissatisfied with your smile. Do something about it. Reach out to us and book an appointment to see our cosmetic dentist in 28546.

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