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Dental Plaque in Jacksonville

Jacksonville dentist office
Jacksonville dentist office

Dental plaque has consequences not just for your teeth, but also for your gums. You can count on us at Family Dental Care for expert guidance and preventive treatment so that your can maintain a high degree of oral health and not be negatively affected by dental plaque.

Sugar and starch are catalysts for plaque formation, which is invisible, sticky, and bacterial in nature. Cut back on those foods to the extent that you can. Brush twice per day, and floss vigorously before bedtime. By doing so, you will get rid of the majority of the plaque in your mouth. Some hides out of reach, though, like in gum pockets, where it hardens. When this occurs, it’s referred to as tartar. It has the same hazardous effects, but requires a trip to our Jacksonville dentist office to eliminate. One dental cleaning every six months is usually sufficient to eradicate tartar buildup along with any residual plaque. In addition, you will have a complete examination and periodic x-rays, so that any impact that plaque has had on your teeth can be dealt with promptly. That means filling any cavities. As for gum disease, the early stage is reversed with you get a teeth cleaning at our Jacksonville dentist office. So that’s another plus. If you don’t make a trip here two times per year, you are risking larger cavities, greater chance of a toothache, infection, root canal therapy, or tooth extraction. And early stage gum disease can quickly become advanced. Inflammation, infection, bleeding gums when you brush, receding gums, persistent bad breath, loss of gum and bone tissue, and loose teeth are all possible results.

Put dental plaque in its place. Make an appointment with us right now to come to our Jacksonville dentist office for a full checkup and a teeth cleaning.

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