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Dental Decay/Cavities in Jacksonville

Cavities don’t have to be a frequent occurrence. When you’re aware of the causes, symptoms, and prevention of dental decay and the cavities that result from it, you’re in good position to make cavities rare or even nonexistent. At Family Dental Care, that’s our priority.

Dental plaque, the invisible and sticky bacterial film that grows on and between your teeth is what is responsible for dental decay. One of the easiest things you can do with respect to prevention is to consume less sugar, which acts as a catalyst for plaque to form on your teeth. The second component of prevention is twice-daily brushing. Be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly and properly. Our Jacksonville dentist can give you some tips on doing so. At bedtime, floss between your teeth vigorously to loosen any plaque and food particles caught there. And the third part of prevention is a visit to our office two times per year, during which you will have a professional teeth cleaning. It’s crucial, because plaque that avoids your oral hygiene at home will harden into tartar that can only be removed with a teeth cleaning. With tartar eliminated, there is less opportunity for additional dental decay and more cavities. If you have any cavities diagnosed as part of your examination, our Jacksonville dentist will promptly fill them. Cavities don’t always have symptoms. Sometimes they are not detected at all until you come in for a checkup. However, if you have a toothache or sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks, it’s possible that you have a cavity. At that point, do not wait for your regular six month exam to get treatment.

Reach out to our office to set up an appointment to come in and see our Jacksonville dentist. Stay on top of dental decay with proactive attention.

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